Pop In Pop Out Illustrated Childrens Storybooks

Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks® Comply With State Curriculum Standards

Storyrider’s Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks® have been designed to comply with rigorous California State Common Core Curriculum Standards (K-12), supporting core learning achievement goals at each level.

The flexible Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks® educational platform enhances the learning process at over a very broad range of stages in language and language proficiency development. At the pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade levels, student assistants or adult facilitators may help by transcribing words for children not yet ready to write on their own, while allowing them to demonstrate achievement of the standards associated with listening and speaking.

The following includes a few examples of State curriculum goals met by Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks® at early grade levels:

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