Pop In Pop Out Illustrated Childrens Storybooks

Our Story

The Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks are unusual in that the pages can be “popped” out and “popped” back in any imaginable order to create an amazing story. Each illustrated storybook page is outfitted with clear plastic pockets for children to insert dialogue or narration – the text of the storybook. A pad of perforated paper cards help streamline the story-writing process, with plenty of extras. Each storybook includes a manual visually explaining the Pop-in-Pop-out books various components. All these work together to help young writers use their imaginations in a fun, and exciting way. And the best part is the child is both learning and having fun, as they search for new ways and words to unlock the mysteries of a never before told story.

We’re launching our website so you, the customer, can get a view of what we’re all about. We will soon direct you to our Kickstarter Campaign in hopes that you will join the Kickstarted family and support our efforts in helping to get our unique method of story creating into the market, and into the hands of children across the world. Please explore our website, and feel free to email us with any questions or sign up to receive email updates. We hope you will support us!

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