Pop In Pop Out Illustrated Childrens Storybooks


Michael Scott

Storyrider Books was conceived of by a creative guy who remembers his elementary school teacher reading books to him. What he doesn’t recall are the actual stories being read; he was too busy creating his own story based on the picture book illustrations he saw. This experience and others served as the seed and inspiration for Storyrider Books’ Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks®.

Mike explains, “As I began to imagine an easy-to-handle storybook that would give the child creative control of the storyline, I realized this was the book I would have loved to have as a child. I’m challenged by dyslexia, which went undiagnosed during my school days. My parents and many teachers thought I was lazy, but as I look back — there was nothing lazy about me! Always the first up and out of the house, I built tree forts, tunnels, and rocket ships. Like most kids, I could create a world from a handful of sticks and found objects — I just couldn’t write about it. I had trouble reading simple words, such as when or what. I never thought I was stupid, but just focused on the world that I could create and not the world I couldn’t understand.”

Mike’s endeavors as inventor, artist and entrepreneur have occurred both in the U.S. and abroad, including work as a restaurateur, carpenter and house-builder, producer of steel sculptures, and shoe inspector.

His current pursuit “Storyrider Books” — is one of the most challenging and rewarding yet. The Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks project encapsulates so many of my interests and fulfills a fundamental requirement of mine: It has the potential to help others, especially children, in a big way and supports the creative talents with which each of us is born.


Michelle Hashimoto is a multi-talented individual. A practicing chemist, her unique artistic style has created in captivating characters. The playful adventures and perplexing pickles in which her characters find themselves help spark young writers’ creativity and keeps them actively engaged.

Michelle Jellitich was the first to develop a series of illustrations for Storyrider Books’ Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks®. With a Bachelor’s in Graphic Arts from Pacific Union College, she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at U. C. Davis. Michelle’s soft, playful illustrations capture the essence of everyday life with a twist of fun and adventure.

Ashley Quackenbush holds a B.A. in Graphic Arts from Pacific Union College and is now pursuing a Masters in Graphic Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Her delightfully playful book cover designs, attention to detail, and devotion to whimsy bring to life the animal friends in Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks®.

Clary Rojas is a Southern Adventist University graduate with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, and a Master’s in Animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Her professional training is evident in illustrations featuring fantastic character development. Clary’s characters virtually jump off the page, inspiring young writers to enter the storybook world ready to write.

Allison Kurtz, a graduate from Pacific Union College in Graphic Arts, employed clever digital techniques in the creation of her illustrations. Skewing the photographic realty she then added two heart warming animated characters into the pictures. Mischievous and playful, children of many ages will be smitten by the obedient Shepard dog and his playful raccoon friend. Story after story will emerge from her cleverly crafted illustrations.